DIGITAL PAY TV Audio/Video Sender Kit

DIGITAL PAY TV Audio/Video Sender Kit
Product Code: TR2470-40
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The TR2470-40 is a Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter/Receiver designed specifically to work with Digital Pay TV boxes such as FOXTEL.
It's inbuilt IR remote control extender is fully compatible with all the current Digital Pay TV Set Top Boxes except the IQ.

If you have any questions about compatability with your Digital Pay TV Set Top Box click here to Email Us Now

To get the optimum picture quality out of your new Digital Pay TV AV sender kit we recomend using the S-Video input & output.
We have an AV Sender S-Video Cable Kit to make it really easy for you.

TR2470-40 Features:

Extend your Digital PAY TV to any room in the house, even outside, without expensive wiring.

It delivers clear video and stereo audio at distances up to 100 metres in open areas.

This powerful 2.4GHz audio/video sender kit, with a built-in IR remote control extender, is a new design that is fully compatible with the Digital Pay TV boxes currently being used.

Use your existing Pay TV remote control in another room as the unit's remote control extender relays the signals from the remote back to the Digital Pay TV box.

Additional AV receivers are available to expand the system for more TV's.

S-video input & output for optimum video quality. See our AV Sender S-Video Cable Kit

Composite video input & output for TVs without s-video.

Left & right stereo audio inputs & outputs.

Composite video cables and power adaptors are included.

Check your Pay TV Terms & Conditions before using any AV Sender. Using any AV sender correctly & within the terms of your Pay TV subscription is the customer's sole responsibility.
You must already have a current Pay TV subscription and Pay TV box. These units simply and conveniently extend the viewing of the same channel simultaneously to another TV.

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